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Fusion set

Fusion set

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Fusion Set- perfect for those who have a love of both silver and gold jewellery. The fusion set includes our:

Petite Snack Chain Two-Tone Necklace

Introducing our Petite Snack Chain Two-Tone Necklace – a perfect blend of everyday elegance and versatility. This delicate necklace features a charming snack chain design, gracefully merging two timeless tones – gold and silver. Elevate your daily style with this petite yet striking accessory that effortlessly complements any outfit. Embrace the duality of sophistication and modernity with our Two-Tone Snack Chain Necklace, your ideal choice for adding a touch of charm to your everyday wear.

Item Details

Width 2mm

Length 410mm chain 6mm Clasp

weight 4.3 g

Material Stainless steal plated in 18k gold.

Eclipse Duo-Tone Hoop Earrings where the beauty lies in the absence of hard choices. These earrings feature a captivating blend of half gold and half silver, eliminating the dilemma of picking between precious metals. Now, you can effortlessly adorn yourself in the timeless elegance of both, making a bold statement without compromise. Embrace the freedom from tough decisions and let our Eclipse hoops become your signature accessory for all occasions.

Item Details

Length 20mm
Width 21mm
Weight 8g

ONE Adjustable Wave Ring-

a geometric masterpiece designed for water enthusiasts. This ring features a captivating wave pattern, perfectly suited for those with a deep love for the ocean. Embrace the fluidity of life with this symbolic accessory, offering a gentle reminder to go with the flow. Crafted for both style and sentiment, our Adjustable Wave Ring comes in two stunning colors – gold and silver. Choose your favorite hue and let this ring become your perfect companion, reflecting the beauty of the ocean and the art of embracing life's currents.


Item Details

Weight 2.6g

Width 6 mm

Made from stainless steal and plated in 18k gold.

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